The Bluestone

Since joining The Bluestone staff in 2012 as a staff writer, Paige has improved her skills in writing, designing, and editing. In the spring of 2014, she earned the position of managing editor and by spring of 2015, the JMU media board selected Paige as editor-in-chief. Throughout her years at The Bluestone, she honed skills in managing an editorial board and staff, overseeing and participating in production to achieve deadlines, and working with publishers and other vendors to ensure a well-made book for JMU. 

Coastal Style

During summer 2014, Paige obtained an internship with a regional publication on the Eastern Shore called Coastal Style magazine. While interning for the magazine, she wrote "Authoring History," "Dive Into History," and "Exhibiting Knowledge." These articles were published in the September-October 2014 issue. Throughout the summer, Paige managed to interview, write, and edit multiple stories at once for publication in addition to other sales and marketing tasks provided by the editor and publishers.

If you would like to view these online, please click on the following link: